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Haunted houses

My Favourite Ghost Stories

“I grew up with ghost stories. My grandmother and great-aunt were great believers in the supernatural, and stories about premonitions or mysterious figures crossing the room at night were part of my childhood. I sought out these stories but with a fascination mired in fear: for a long time, I was more afraid of seeing a ghost than almost anything else…”


A Love Letter to Independent Bookshops

“When I was growing up, my father owned an independent bookshop, The Angel Bookshop in Camden Passage, and I was allowed to pick any book I liked off the shelves. It was a luxury I didn’t appreciate until I was older, like being the only member of a library. Looking at the books was a favourite Saturday activity: the sense of possibility contained in the spines. Choosing something because of the cover and the words, but also the feel, texture and weight...”

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I contributed to the Vagenda, an online feminist website, from 2011—12. Some of my pieces were picked up by the Guardian and published on Comment Is Free.