I can help with...

Developmental Editing

Getting into shape

I provide clear, honest guidance on narrative,
characterisation, dialogue and language, explaining
what's working and what isn't.


Finishing touches

I correct spelling, punctuation and grammar, according to agreed style, and query facts and consistency. If briefed to do so, I can improve the prose sentence by sentence, while staying true to the author's tone and intention.


Presenting your idea

I can get a proposal in the best possible shape to
attract agents and publishers, and identify the most
commercial angle for your subject.


Final stages

I read meticulously and rigorously, on screen or
hard copy, to catch any errors that have slipped
through the net.

I aim to be...

I'm always sincere in my responses and I'll always be direct about what needs improving. 


I give practical, constructive advice to help you confidently move forward to the second draft.


I've worked in publishing for ten years so I understand the industry and the market.


I know making creative work can be hard and I want to help your writing be as good as it can be.


Kate was an exemplary project manager and used her taste and judgement to great effect.

Judy Carver, The William Golding Estate

Mad Men and Bad Men by Sam Delaney